Warehouse Consultants and Effective Warehouse Management


A key element in the effective management of any warehouse is usually termed the Warehouse Management System. Effective management of the Warehouse Management system can only operate properly when managed by a fully trained warehouse consultant.

Warehouses and their relationship with warehouse consultants are an integral part of the supply chain system.

warehouse Consultants and Warehouses

   1. Warehouse Consultants marry up Supply with Customer Demand. Good warehouse management allows for quick and immediate response and maintains a surplus allowing for a quick response when consumer demand suddenly increases. This ability acts as a buffer to the changing customer demand. Because demand can change quickly, having the appropriate level of merchandise ready to ship to the customer is a fundamental aspect of effective customer experience management.

   2. Product Consolidation: In warehousing, warehouse consultants intrinsically understand that the principles of effective warehouse management are about bulk management and not about product individualisation.  Warehouse consultants are also by nature involved in the effective cost management of product transportation which necessarily has a large effect on costs. Warehouse consultants will where possible fill haulage vehicles to capacity to mitigate costs.

   3. Warehouse Consultants and value added processing.   Often to add value to a product and therefore to a market place warehouse consultants will be involved in kitting. This involves receiving many parts of a product - and once they have all been received - assembling the separate parts into a finished product. By doing this warehouse consultants add value to the supply chain and therefore add to profit. 

Some companies have access to well trained warehouse consultants internally. Alternatively there are many good logistics companies that specialise in providing expert warehouse consultants, logistics consultancy and supply chain consultant expertise.

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