Warehouse Consultants and a Warehouse Management systems


Managing the complex activities that often take place in the differing types of warehouses requires complex information systems and other warehouse management systems that need careful structuring and thinking about before they are built and put into action. A warehouse consultant would feed into this and would be involved in the main activities of any warehouse management system. Warehouse consultants would check that warehouse management systems were able to do the following:

   1. Warehouse Consultants should record receipt of inventory via email or other electronic methods. Inventory should usually be stored on a database so that details can be interrogated and drawn upon at anytime.

   2. Record shipment of inventory This should also be done through electronic means and should be accessible whenever needed so that the information can be interrogated for whatever purposes (usually cost and time analyses)

   3. Stock locator (inbound: where can a piece of inventory be stored and outbound: where an employee can go to pick up an  inventory item a customer ordered and have it sent to them)

   4. Main Features of warehouse management systems:

          * Receiving

          * Cycle Count

          * Put Away

          * Location Tracking

          * Picking

          * Packing

          * Consolidation

          * Space Capacity

          * Shipping

          * Replenishment (replenish prime bins from safety stock and replenish safety stock from supplier)

          * Vendor and Carrier quality compliance

          * Trailer Manifesting

          * Returns

          * Workforce Management

          * Advanced Slotting

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