Warehouse Design – What You Need to Consider


Warehouse Design

Warehousing is a vital part of any supply chain yet surprising many companies are still not making the maximum use of their warehouse design. The following is a list of areas that should be very carefully considered when designing your warehouse.

Objectives and Purpose

Your business objectives and main purpose will play a significant role in your warehouse design. When reviewing your current layout and design you need to carefully look at the limitations and difficulties holding you back from completing your objectives and main purpose.

By identifying the current issues you can then take the next practical step towards solving them. If you are in a position to design new warehousing premises you can ensure you objectives and business purpose remain at the heart of the project.

Trial and Error

A draft warehouse design is just that a draft only by running real working trial will you iron out problems and refine your plans to a well-honed model. Short limited trials are best allowing quick response to any issues.

If you are unable to run live trials due to the delicate nature of your business then it is worth at this stage talking with an independent warehouse design consultant who can discuss your design in depth and run model simulation to refine your design without the difficulties or expense of real-time trials.

Warehouse Location

Your warehouse location is a vital part of the puzzle nor only to ensure smooth supply and delivery, but also staffing and utilities/power. Get you location wrong and all your careful planning will go to waste.

Get your warehouse design right and you will reap the rewards for years to come, but get it wrong and you could be missing out on your true supply chain potential. It can therefore be a wise move to get some extra independent advice. Total Logistics Warehouse Design consultants are highly experienced in a wide variety of warehousing issues and across a large number of industries and sectors. Call +44 (0)118 977 3027 or visit www.total-logistics.eu.com

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