Extend Battery Life for Supply Chain & Warehouse Mobile Devices


Mobile applications and devices have transformed warehouse and logistics operations allowing data to be collected quickly and efficiently at the point of activity making supply chain management more efficient, accurate and productive.

However, mobile working is only effective as long as the batteries last so how can you make the most of your battery life?

We all give little thought to the batteries in our mobile device at least that is until they run out of power. Key battery problems include:

  • Faller to charge
  • Charge not lasting a full shift
  • Batteries requiring frequent and often costly replacement

With energy consumption being a constant issue and businesses keen to reduce their consumption it certainly makes sense to look at ways to improve the use and life of your mobile device batteries.

Warehouse, supply chain and logistics mobile devices need to be rugged and the batteries for these units need to:

  • Allow an employee to work through a typical shift without loss of power.
  • Withstand enough charging cycles to provide at least a year of service before needing to be replaced.

Smart Power Management

With a few simple changes you can implement a smart power management strategy that will not only improve the battery life of your mobile devices, but also boost productivity and save you money.

The right battery

Often the standard batteries supplied by mobile computer manufacturers might not be the most suitable for your requirements. Think about how you intend the devices to be used and what capabilities you require during a typical shift.

If you have batch applications that don’t involve real-time wireless communication then a lower capacity battery (lower capacity from 1000 mAh) will be able to handle a full shift. Alternatively if you require wireless communication then a high-capacity (higher capacity up to 5000 mAh) battery is a better option.

Other points to consider:

  • How quickly can the battery be recharged?
  • Will data be lost if the device loses power?
  • Can batteries be “hot swapped” while the device is still operating?
  • What is the maximum number of times the battery can be recharged?

Battery Care

Although all batteries will lose capacity over time there are strategies that can help extend your batteries life. By properly storing and maintaining while also adjusting device settings you can effectively extend battery life.

  • Store batteries somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight with a charge of around 40% capacity
  • Check your mobile device settings most offer power saving profiles for both work and idle hours. These will help you save power and reduce the number of charging cycles required.
  • Turn down the devices (back)lights and volume settings, this is a quick and very effective way to save power.

Batteries play a key role in the effectiveness of your mobile equipment and with the correct management you can ensure you get the most out of these small yet vital items.

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