Town and City Wayfinding


Wayfinding signage must be aesthetically pleasing in terms of structure, design and readability. It must be easy to understand and convey a clear message, and as each city and town centre exhibits different character and style, off-the-shelf signage is rarely suitable for characterful urban wayfinding. A more common approach for towns which rely on tourism is to commission custom signage designs which are specifically suited to their character.

Urban wayfinding signs can vary in materials, including steel, aluminium, oak, softwood or even recycled plastic signage. Structural options can vary from basic lecterns, modular fascias or even large three dimensional shapes, and often need options for both permanently installed or easily changeable graphics and other information.

Notice boards and similar displays can be an important feature of wayfinding projects. These may be standalone or integrated into the permanent signage solutions. They are often produced in aluminium, oak or softwood, and may be hinged and lockable. Many are glazed with shatterproof plastics and feature anti-vandalism measures. Some are also offered with pinboard backers and can be supplied open rather than with hinged doors to protect the contents. Finger posts are also quite common and can be very basic signs or elaborately designed ensemble products.

Graphic designs and site surveys are also key to successful urban wayfinding projects. Creative mapping design should produce clear and distinctive maps which users can follow and understand easily. They should also allow for trouble-free updating, as many urban centres often change regularly so signage should be able to update economically and rapidly as needed.

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