White Tiles

The most common tile is the white tile. Tiles come in all sort of other colours, but it is the white tile which is use most often in interiors for walls. It is also quite often used for floors, but other colours are common as well.

So how do decide which white tile to buy?

Price is a key factor, but there are other things to look for.

Tile size is important – and common sizes include:

  • 40x25 white tiles (these will be 40cm x 25 cm) which are very large white tiles well suited for covering walls quickly
  • 33x25 white tiles which are still large but a little easier to handle
  • 25x20 white tiles are a good rectangular shape and reasonable size to cover a wall quickly
  • 20x20 white tiles are the typical larger square size
  • 15x15 white tiles are medium sized tiles

There is also a choice of finish:

Prices vary considerably, but white tiles tend to be some of the cheaper tiles as they are produced in very high numbers. Prices of £8/square meter can be found by searching the Internet.




Published on 10/04/2011

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