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Tiles are an extremely popular covering for walls and floors. They can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms or any room of the house where you want an attractive and durable surface.

Tiles are available in a number of materials and sizes. There is such great variety these days but there are some particularly popular ones on the market.

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice because they add a decorative element in a kitchen or bathroom. They can be made of different materials like glass and be given a variety of finishes and glazes.

Mosaic tiles can be used as a border but you can also buy border tiles - long strips of tiling to create an eye catching edge and finish to your tiles. These can be plain or mosaic in pattern and are often embossed or bevelled.

Another popular tile at the moment is the wood effect tile. This can be used instead of real wood or laminate flooring. Wood effect tiles are a much cheaper and more versatile option than real wood flooring.

Metro tiles are also currently very fashionable. They started life as a wall covering on the underground but have now come to the surface as a popular tiling option! Their oblong shape and bevelled edge make them a stylish wall covering.

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Published on 07/03/2012

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