Tiling Tricks of the Trade

In order to achieve a professional finish with your wall or floor tiles, there are several tricks of the trade that can be used.

Of course you could get a professional to lay the tiles, as this will provide the best job, but may be costly. So if you would like to tile your kitchen or bathroom yourself, here are some top tips:

  • Make sure your surface is flat – if you do not have a smooth wall to start with you may need to get it re-plastered before you add wall tiles. Floor tiles can also crack if not laid on a flat surface.
  • Get proper materials before you start: including grout, adhesive, trowels and tile cutters – you can’t make a good job without materials!
  • You must plan the layout beforehand, especially if you are including pattern tiles, it is sensible to decide on your design and make sure you have enough tiles.
  • Don’t attempt too much at once – you can work on your tiling section by section, as long as you properly complete each area as you go and remove any excess grout.
  • Invest in quality tiles – whether its wall tiles or floor tiles you need to get quality tiling for it to last. Whether you want natural stone, stone effect or porcelain tiles – buy good ones as they will look stylish and provide a protective surface for years to come.

For more tiling tips and tricks, plus a great range of quality tiles, visit the Crown Tiles website. They have over 20 million tiles in stock and all the materials needed to get you started with tiling.

Published on 05/10/2011

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