Tiling Trends for 2012

Tiling continues to be a fashionable and practical way to decorate many rooms of your house. Great for walls and floors, tiles can add that individual touch whilst at the same time providing a protective surface in your home.

There are a fantastic range of tiles out there and they can even be ordered online, to save the hassle of collection. Some types of tiles continue to be extremely popular and sought after to ad that touch of style to your house.

The metro tile is currently popular for both kitchens and bathrooms. This oblong shaped tile, often with a bevelled edge, was first used in the stations of the metro underground train system – hence its name.

Famed for its practicality and longevity, many original metro tiles in the underground still survive today! In the modern home it adds that retro look to a room and the range of often bright colours available can give a modern twist.

Mosaic tiles will also continue to be popular in 2012. A strip or section of these on a wall can provide a focus or finishing touch to a bathroom or kitchen. Available in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes – the mosaic tile is a must have choice.

Large tiles are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in bathrooms, because they can make a small room look bigger. These can be mixed with smaller tiles or used on their own across both walls and floors - to tile a wet room for instance.

Just like in other rooms of the house, a feature wall is still a popular trend for 2012. This is where the rest of your walls are plain, but you have one patterned or brighter section. For instance white tiles could be used throughout a bathroom with a wall or section of floral tiles to add interest.

So, there many exciting tiling options to choose from this year. Tile Choice are a leading online tiling retailer that provide a fantastic choice of tiles, many with money off discounts to inspire you to tile in 2012!

Published on 16/01/2012

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