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Tiling your walls and floors today follows the same basic principle as it has for centuries, but there are some new tiling technologies that have brought tiles into the modern age.

As we all know, The Romans used tiling extensively for flooring and decoration and that was over two millennia ago! So we can see how tiles have endured over the years.

Mosaic tiles were the tile of choice for The Romans and they are having a renaissance today too.

Many people are using mosaic tiling as a feature in bathrooms. They can be used in sheets to cover entire walls or in horizontal strips to separate two halves of a wall – perhaps tiled and non-tiled areas.

Mosaic tiles are certainly very popular and come in a number of different materials and finishes. Glass mosaic tiles add an individual touch as they have a translucent, iridescent look.

Although many tiles are similar in design and material to how they have been for centuries, there are some tiling changes that have occurred to make them more high-tech and durable.

Tiles today can be easily constructed from natural stone, but material technology has also enabled stone ‘effect’ tiles to be more easily made. Expensive stones like marble and limestone can now be mimicked realistically.

Marble effect tiles and limestone effect tiles give a natural look at a reasonable price and are perhaps lighter and more durable than the real stone versions.

Another development in the world of tiling has been under floor heating. These clever idea is simple to install and can transform the comfort levels of a bathroom or kitchen.

Heating mats are installed directly under floor tiles and are controlled by a thermostat. These Thermonet tile heating systems provide an extra level of comfort and make a real difference to the warmth of the tiles.

So tiling really has come a long way since The Romans! But the basic idea of using tiles as a durable, protective and decorative surface for Tile Choice hasn’t changed.



Published on 20/11/2011

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