Today's Tiling Technology

Tiling can be used in several rooms around the house to provide a long-lasting, durable surface and an individual look.

Tiles are most commonly used in the kitchen or the bathroom as these are rooms where damp could damage walls and floors and the surfaces need to be particularly hard-wearing.

There is tiling available for specific use in wet areas to make the floor surface safer. Anti-slip floor tiles can be used in bathrooms or any surface where the floor is likely to be wet.

Tiling technology has really developed over recent years and there are now a lot of ‘effect’ tiles on the market that mimic other materials.

Mock stone floor tiles include limestone effect, marble effect and slate effect. There are also wall tiles available in materials such as metallic effect.

The advances in tiling technology also mean that there are added extras available to enhance the practicality and comfort of tiles.

Under floor tile heating is simple to install and extremely effective. Heating mats can be laid under the floor tiles and controlled with a thermostat.

So tiles have come a long way and provide an adaptable and decorative surface material for your home.

Tile Choice provide a wide range of tiles and tiling accessories. With over 20 million tiles in stock there is a style and material available to suit all rooms and surfaces.

Published on 03/07/2011

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