The Versatility of Tiles

Tiles are an increasingly popular covering for your walls and floors. They are so versa-tile (!) that they can be used in practically any room of the house, on either walls or floors.

Tiles come in many shapes and sizes these days. For example you can get standard square tiles in all different sizes, you can get small mosaic tiles to use as a decorative border or oblong metro tiles which look good as a splash back in a kitchen or behind a sink in a bathroom.

Tiles are available in a number of different natural materials. You can purchase terracotta, slate or linestone tiles – along with a whole host of other natural stones. You can also get stone effect tiles that have the look of the natural material but are much lighter and more practical.

There are also tiles available in a variety of other interesting natural and man made materials. These include mirror tiles, metal tiles, glass tiles, carpet tiles, wood tiles, cork tiles, vinyl tiles and porcelain tiles.

You can purchase wall tiles with a variety of patterns and finishes on them too. Tiles for walls are generally smaller and more decorative than floor tiles, which are usually plain coloured and often made of a robust material like slate.

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Published on 04/04/2012

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