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There are so many tiles out there to choose from it can sometimes be hard to make the right choice. Do you go for plain or patterned tiles, square or rectangular, large or small – the choice is endless!

Your choice of tiles is often dictated by whether the tiles you need are for walls or floors. Wall tiles can be much more patterned, decorative and colourful; where as floor tiles need to be sturdier, smoother and hard wearing.


The room that the tiles are going to be used in also determines what type of tiles you many need. Kitchen tiles should be practical and durable, as well as stylish, as they are often used around cooking areas as splashbacks. Kitchen floor tiles also need to be hard wearing and functional, as well as looking homely.

Bathroom tiles need to be practical as they will be withstanding a lot of water and damp. Floor tiles for bathrooms may need to be anti-slip if you want complete peace of mind. Bathroom wall tiles allow for a little interior design flair. You can create your own beautiful bathroom using green and blue colours or glass mosaic tiles as borders, to add a shimmery look to your walls.

People often feel inspired to buy tiles when they see them used in a bathroom or kitchen setting, giving them ideas for their own home. If you want ideas of how to use tiles then a great place to look is tiling website Crown Tiles.

This leading online tiling retailer have millions of tiles in stock and use beautiful images on their website of tiling ideas for kitchens and bathrooms. To browse their brilliant range of tiles and get ideas for your own home visit their website at www.crowntiles.co.uk today.

Published on 30/11/2012

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