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Just like any decorative item for the home, tiles go through different popularity cycles and fashion trends. This is dictated by overall interior decoration trends affecting the colours and styles.

Material technology also effects which tiles are popular. If new glazes, materials and finishes are developed by tile manufacturers they enable consumers to get creative with their tiling.

Top of the pile of tile styles recently is the Metro Tile. Also called Bricks Tiles, because of their shape, these tiles look great in a kitchen or a bathroom. They often have a bevelled edge so are easy to clean and wipe down.

The horizontal shape of Metro Tiles gives them a different look and they often have a shiny glaze. They work particularly well as a splash back area in a kitchen because their shape suits a small section or strip of wall.

Another tiling trend at the moment is to use a strip of Mosaic Tiles to add interest to a wall. They can be used in a line part way up the wall to break up a section of regular sized tiles, or to finish a tiling section below a painted part of a wall.

Glass Mosaic Tiles are particularly popular because they have an iridescent look and can be given metallic glazes. This means they appear different depending on the light and the angle in which you look at them, ensuring an eye-catching finish.

For more tiling trends check out the Crown Tiles tiling website. They have over 20 million tiles in stock and always carry the latest tile styles. That is why they are top of the tiles!

Published on 08/11/2011

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