Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

Once you have installed tiles in your kitchen or bathroom you will want to keep them looking nice for years to come. This can be done using tile cleaning and maintenance products.

There are a range of sealers and protectors available specifically designed for this purpose. They will help to keep your grout and tiles in tip top condition for decades.

Grout can be the most difficult tiling element to maintain when looking after your tiles. It can easily develop mould or a film that is hard to remove with regular cleaning products.

Specialist grout film remover can deal with the build up on grout and have it looking as good as new. However, sometimes it is better to take preventative measures to ensure your tiles remain in good condition.

Tile sealer can be used to provide a protective coating over your wall and floor tiles that will help them last as well as adding an extra gloss.

Sealer or gloss also helps seal the tiles so that dirt cannot penetrate into the substructure. Wax protector can also be used on top of the gloss to give it an extra protective coating and guard against dirt, stains and wear.

So there are plenty of solutions for cleaning and maintaining your tiles. These specialist tiling products will ensure that your floor or wall tiles last and also look the best they can over time.

Walls and Floors are a leading online tile shop. They stock millions of tiles that are available via their website. They also sell specialist tile cleaning and maintenance products for your tiles.

For more information and to browse their choice of tiling products visit www.crowntiles.co.uk.

Published on 30/08/2012

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