Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Tiling is great for decorating kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles can be used on walls and floors in both rooms, so really do provide a versatile surface solution.

There is a fantastic variety of kitchen and bathroom tiles on the market. Kitchen tiles need to be hard-wearing and practical. Wall tiles can be used in kitchens to cover a wall behind a cooking area, protecting it from food splashes and steam.

Floor tiles in a kitchen need to be very tough yet forgiving – in case of breakages! They will take a lot of footfall over their lifetime so must be durable yet also comfortable to walk on.

It is a similar situation with bathroom tiles. Floor tiles in bathrooms need to be tough yet comfortable. One idea for adding that extra level of comfort is to install under-floor heating.

This can be particularly beneficial in a bathroom, as people are often barefoot and so an extra level of comfort is needed. Under-floor heating mats are easy to install before floor tiles are laid.

Another key consideration with floor tiles for bathrooms is that they should be non-slip. The floor of a bathroom can become wet or damp and so tiles need to have a textured surface in order to prevent slippages.

When choosing wall tiles in a bathroom, there is an opportunity to be creative. They need to provide a protective, waterproof surface for walls but there are thousands of different designs and styles to choose from.

Many people mix wall tiles in a bathroom, perhaps choosing a plainer tile to decorate part of the walls and interspersing with smaller decorative tiles – such as mosaic tiles.

So whichever style of wall or floor tiles you choose for kitchen and bathroom, tiling is a surfacing solution that is guaranteed to bring years of protection and pleasure when decorating your home.

There is a fantastic variety of bathroom and kitchen tiles available at online tiling specialist Crown Tiles. They have millions of styles available in both wall tiles and floor tiles. For more information visit their website.

Published on 19/12/2011

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