Get Creative With Kitchen Tiles

Tiling a kitchen gives you the chance to get really creative. There are a great choice of kitchen tiles out there so you can be sure that there will be something to suit your tastes.

As well as looking stylish, kitchen tiles provide an excellent protective surface for your walls. So they are ideal for areas that might be prone to moisture or food splashes – such as behind a sink or a cooker.

Because tiling a kitchen often involves just covering a small area you can be really bold with your tile choices. For example you could have walls painted in plain colours throughout most of the kitchen and just have a small tiled area – featuring bold colours or patterned kitchen tiles.

Metro tiles are really popular in a kitchen area. These oblong tiles have a bevelled edge so are easy to wipe clean and they give a contemporary look to your kitchen. They are available in a choice of stylish colours and can be gloss or matt.

Another idea is to intersperse plain tiles with a few pattern tiles. This will provide interest and will mean you can save money by using predominantly plain tiles and finding a few really special tiles to go in between.

This idea can also work with mosaic tiles, small square tiles that can be used as a feature.  For example you can have an area of predominantly plain tiles with a strip of mosaic tiles through the centre or little squares of four mosaic tiles interspersed between the larger plain tiles.

So there are many ways of tiling a kitchen that can provide years of style and protection in this important room of the house. If you would like to browse a range of fantastic kitchen tiles then visit the Crown Tiles website.

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Published on 07/09/2012

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