Gold and Silver Tiles

Using gold and silver tiles has become a popular way to add a touch of glamour to your home. Available in a number of styles and finishes, these metallic coloured tiles are really eye-catching.

Gold and silver can be used in very creative and exciting ways. For instance glass mosaic tiles can contain gold or silver glitter, which really catches the eye when you walk in a room. Or metallic colours can be used in embossed or brocade tiles to catch the light.

Gold tiles can either have a shiny surface or a subtle brushed metal finish. They are available in a number of different formats, including mosaic. Gold works particularly well for small mosaic tiles because each individual tile shimmers and shines in the light.

Gold mosaic tiles can be used as edging, as a border or to cover entire walls. They look particularly good paired with black or white tiles as the neutral colours emphasise their vibrancy.

Gold tiles are available in a number of hues, from shimmery bright gold to earthy and warm golden colours. They can be used in a bathroom or kitchen and are ideal for creating a feature area in a room.

Silver tiles are equally striking and unique. They are also available in gloss and matt finishes depending on the effect you want to create. They can vary in hue from palest dove grey through to pewter or metallic shiny silver.

Silver looks particularly good in mosaic tile format. Like gold, the shimmery quality of silver is captured particularly well. Mosaics can either be mini square, mini brick or even mini circular shaped tiles. The brick or metro shape tile looks particularly good in kitchens and bathrooms, around a sink or work surface.

Silver tiles bring sophistication and edginess to a room. The range of silver tile colours and styles mean you can combine several looks together or use them with neutral black or white tiles for simplicity. Silver tiles are available for floors too, if you want a striking floor covering.

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Published on 02/05/2012

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