Colour Mix Tiles


Tiles are available in a variety of colours and styles. Many people go for single colour tiles but if you want something a bit different then colour mix tiles could be the answer.

These multi-coloured tiles add an element of style to your room. There are a variety of colour mixes available. Colour mix tiles are also manufactured in a number of shapes and styles.

You can get mosaic colour mix tiles. These are small square tiles that are on sheets so you can cover a complete wall with them, or cut the sheets into strips so they create an interesting border around your regular tiles.

Sometimes mosaic tiles are multi-coloured, with a spectrum of different colours making up the overall tessellated mosaic look of the tiles. Sheets of mosaic tiles can also often be made up of just two colours, to offer a simpler chequered effect.

Mosaic tiles often have a texturised or interesting finish to them. For instance mosaic tiles can have a pearlescent or metallic finish that catches the light in a room.

Multi-coloured tiles are also available in brick shape. These mini brick tiles give the same texturised look from a distance as a wall of mini mosaic tiles, adding depth and interest to your room. Complete walls or strips of these can add an interesting style element to your kitchen or bathroom.

Colour mix tiles are also available in a number of different materials. They can be made of traditional materials like ceramic or terracotta. Coloured mosaic tiles are also often made from glass.

Coloured tiles can also be made from really different materials like leather.  For instance you can get multi-coloured leather border tiles, that not only add colour but also a different texture to your walls.  

For a range of fantastic colour mix tiles visit the Walls and Floors website. They have over 20 million tiles in stock, many of these are coloured or multi-coloured tiles

Walls and Floors offer discounted sample tiles so you can try a few tiles before you buy. For more information visit

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