British Tiling Is Top Surface Solution

Tiles are now big business in Britain. Ideal for both walls and floors, this durable decorative surface is a popular interior and exterior decoration choice.

Tiling is hard wearing, yet easy to clean. Tiles maintain their colour and finish for years. After all, Roman tiles have been found in good condition after 2000 years!

Most people don’t need their kitchen or bathroom to last this long but they would like to have a reliable and protective surface for years or sometimes decades (if not millennia!).

The choice of tiles available today is fantastic. There are millions of colours, patterns and shapes on the market to suit any room and mood. Floor tiles come and in a variety of real stone materials. You can also purchase imitation tiles, such as mock granite and marble.

Patterned tiles are great for walls. You can create your own design by mixing plain and decorated tiles. You can get wall tiles with images on or border tiles in a different colour or texture that add finesse to a room.

Tiles can also be used outside on patios and around swimming pools. These tiles are weather proof and last for years. A well-known British manufacturer of quality tiles is British Ceramic Tile (BCT).

They are a market leading ceramic tile manufacturer, combining the very best of British design with quality, value and a serious approach to social and environmental responsibilities.

BCT specialise in tiling for the residential, healthcare, sports and hotel sectors. Tiles in their range include ‘Elgin’ marble tiles, ‘Dartmoor Naturals’ stone tiles and their elegant ‘Brighton’ range. They also produce a range of tiles from the Laura Ashley design house.

For more information on a great range of British Ceramic Tiles and other quality tiling visit the CrownTiles website, stockist of over 20 million tiles. 

Published on 07/08/2011

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