Tiling a Bathroom or Cloakroom

If you want to retile your bathroom or downstairs cloakroom there are a lot of things to consider. The following article offers some first-hand tips on how to make the most of tiling these rooms.

When removing old wall tiles you may damage the plaster underneath so you may need to re-skim or fill in patches before adding the new tiles. Tiles need to adhere to a fairly smooth surface, using a good quality adhesive.

To save having to cut too many tiles, a good approach is to begin with a tile at the first side of a room and work your way to the end of one wall. If the last tile does on this wall does not fit to the corner you can split the tile and start with the piece you have remaining on the next wall. This approach creates a clean finish and a look of continuity around the room.

In terms of which wall tiles to choose, there are plenty of options. Many people advise that if you have a small bathroom or cloakroom you should use larger tiles as this creates the illusion of a bigger room. Metro tiles are also a popular option as they create a modern yet classical look.

Many people use strips of small mosaic tiles to add interest. Particularly if you are using white or fairly plain tiles, it is nice to have a strip of mosaic tiles positioned horizontally around the room to break up the main tiles. They can be positioned at different heights on the wall according to where your windows and units are.

Choosing and planning the layout of your bathroom tiles can be fun and very creative! As long as you get someone to hang them properly, or do it yourself if you feel confident, they can completely transform your bathroom or cloakroom.

Published on 27/10/2011

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