The Power of Visual Learning in Education


The influence of technology in the classroom cannot be denied. Computer-based learning has become a top priority for school aged children, so anything that can improve a pupil’s interactive web-based skills is important. This is where visual learning comes in.

This can be any kind of online learning platform or forum that both pupils and teachers can go to in order to read and upload scholarly information. This information can range from academic texts or exercises for reading and completion by pupils to essays or projects for marking by teachers.

Cornish WebServices can offer these type of visual learning platforms as part of our content management system, the Cornish CMS.  We are currently developing a bespoke CMS module that allows schools to have multi-user access to such password protected website areas.

Once the user has logged in certain activities can be simply and quickly performed, such as the uploading of homework or sharing of ideas within the interactive educational forum.

This visual learning module is now in development for a variety of schools in Kent. We have previously worked with many educational establishments on websites that offer specialist sections where teachers, pupils and parents can share educational information securely.

If you are looking for a school website design go to the web design section of this site. Visit the dedicated Cornish CMS website for more information about our CMS and the add-on modules available.

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