Page flips or Flip page or Page Curl


Page flips refer to the effect of flipping through the pages of a digital document as if it was a physical document. This is also known as Flip page or page turning or page curling.

A flip page application usually makes use of Flash technology and makes use of masking, skewing and alpha gradient effects to simulate the page curl at the corner and over the page itself as it turns.

What is the purpose of a Flip page document?

The illusion of having a real document on your computer mimics the natural way of browsing through a physical document, and gives the user experience of reading an actual copy of a physical document or magazine. This flip page technology is commonly used by traditional publishers who want to create a digital version of their document.

Many implementations of flip page or page curl technology are simply gimmicky and mimic the experience of turning a page. However some implementations have the added bonus of electronic searching, and linking to external websites or email applications.

Cornish WebServices provide search engine optimised flip pages for clients with excellent search and linking properties along with search engine meta tags, and can even include tracking code to measure the usefulness of these flip pages. Contact Cornish WebServices to add these types of webpages to your website.

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