O2 streamlines internal mail by moving to a digital mailroom solution


O2 has streamlined it internal mail distribution system using electronic document management. The mobile operator is using the Omnidox:Mailroom platform from Stortext.

The new mailroom solution digitises hard-copy mail and eradicates the need for physical internal post.

The digital mailroom is designed to speed the distribution of mail across internal departments, quicken responses to it, and save money into the bargain through less staff hours used up in searching for documents.

At O2 previously, with the same document often having to go to several departments, and with so many offices involved, it was becoming impossible to process items or respond to customer queries efficiently. At customer call centres agents had to manually search for paper records in a time-consuming process.

O2 realised it needed an digital mailroom system which would classify, scan and index large volumes of incoming mail - more than 40,000 pieces per calendar month - and be capable of feeding output to various office systems.

Mail is now collected from a PO Box unique to O2 by 6am every morning, and processes so that it is made available to staff by 9.30am the same day. A separate output to office workflow systems means customer correspondence is dealt with in the fastest time possible, improving staff productivity and business efficiency.

Digital Mailrooms allow companies to:
Use one solution to handle all your incoming information be it paper documents, fax or e-mail.

  • Paper documents are scanned as they arrive – so no need for sorting into batches by type.
  • Fax images are imported directly from a fax server – no need to print and scan.
  • Emails are automatically captured along with attachments.

The same mailroom solution can also manage multiple document types e.g. hand-printed and handwritten forms, attachments, correspondence, invoices, checks, sales orders.

DCS are also experts in digital mailrooms and can create automated mailrooms that take full advantage of award winning software solutions including FileStore EDM (document management), FileStore BPM (business process and workflow) and Kofax Capture (data capture software).

DCS digital mailroom services include:

  • An on premise installed solution
  • A hosted system which can be access from any site
  • A fully managed outsource mailroom service

For more information on digital mailrooms including arranging a free or minimal cost pilot study please call DCS on 01753 616720.

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