New accessible website browser called A-browser


New accessible website browser called A-browser

A-browser is the name of a new accessible web browser being developed by IBM to help visually handicapped people access the net. It will use short cut keys, rather similar to the access keys used on existing browsers.

A-browser is a development on its existing product Easy Web Browser and IBM hope to provide a better option to existing self-talking browsers or screen readers.

Accessibility has become a more important issue recently, and some websites are being according to web standards which allows people with limited or partial sight to make use of variable font sizes or customised style sheets to view the web.

A recent Microsoft of US internet users found that a quarter of US internet users had some difficulty with their vision, yet far too many websites designed by ‘design companies’ fail to accommodate such users.

Cornish WebServices have been designing accessible websites since 2002, and even test most website with current markets leaders in accessible browsers such as the JAWS.

Some websites are increasingly adding features that make it easier for disabled users to access them, such as allowing font sizes to be changed, increasing the contrast, making the site pop-up free and using cascading style sheets which can be used by screen readers to translate text into sound.

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