Maximizer CRM launches cloud based solution.


Maximizer Software has now (April 2011) released a cloud based solution of its customer relationship management (CRM) tool, called Maximizer CRM Live.

Maximizer CRM Live delivers the same type of functionality for organising sales and customer relations teams, but includes the ease of access from many locations that the clod provides.

  • Maximizer CRM Live is quick to setup. Set-up times of a few hours are quoted as there is no software to install.
  • Maximizer CRM Live is easy- to-use, from a web browser, and requires no technical expertise to manage or maintain complex hardware infrastructure.
  • IT has Lower Upfront Costs as cloud applications eliminate the up-front investment in software licenses, operating system licenses, databases, servers, and backup equipment. With subscription pricing, capital expenditure is turned into a predictable ongoing operating expense.
  • Easy Upgrades are available for use straight away.
  • Maximizer CRM Live is built on a scalable Microsoft Windows  platform, with a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

Maximizer Software offer customers the choose between subscribing to Maximizer CRM Live or deploying Maximizer CRM on-premise. With either product a key to gaining the full benefits of this is correct setup or training. Companies such as JI Software provide CRM consultancy and Maximizer training  enabling business to make the best of their investment.


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