Digital Leaflet Printing

Leafleting is still a very effective way of getting your message across to a wide number of people. Leaflets can be handed to people directly or inserted in magazine mail outs. It is useful to have a hard copy leaflets to market your business, even in this online age.

Modern digital litho printing now ensures that leaflets are produced quickly and to high specifications. Today’s technology also means the extremely sophisticated leaflet printing, in black and white or full colour, can be carried out at cost effective prices.

Nowadays if there are only a few leaflets to print, economies of scale won’t mean that the job will be too expensive. This means that printers don’t have to rely on long printing runs but can also produce short high-quality print runs at low cost.

These low costs can then be passed onto the customer, so even if you only want a few leaflets to market your business, modern digital printing is the answer!

Orbital Print is a Kent-based printing company that offers high quality digital leaflet printing, at affordable prices. They can print anything from small orders of 25 leaflets minimum, up to very large print runs. Contact Orbital Print today to find out more.

Published on 07/09/2011

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