Kofax Announces VirtualReScan Elite


New Release of the De Facto Industry Standard Image Enhancement Software Adds Enterprise Capture Capabilities

Kofax the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions, has announced the release of Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS) Elite, a new version of Kofax’s patented image enhancement and perfection software.

Kofax VRS Elite offers enhanced scanning functionality that improves the solution’s overall performance, device health monitoring capabilities and the ability to support enterprise scanning and capture deployments.

VRS Elite reduces the time involved in document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images, dramatically improving both manual document scanning productivity and the efficiency of document capture processes.

Jim Nicol, Kofax Executive Vice President of Products at Kofax said:

“High quality images are critical as they significantly impact the success of downstream classification, page segmentation, data extraction and retrieval needs. By leveraging Kofax VRS Elite to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of business processes, customers can maximize their document capture platforms to increase performance, reduce costs and generate a fast, measurable ROI.”

Kofax VRS and Kofax VRS Elite integrate with more than 200 of today’s leading digital document scanners and deliver optimised, process-ready images to any application, including the company’s market leading Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules software.

Where can I find out more about Kofax software solutions in the UK

Kofax is the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions and Data Capture Solutions (DCS) are one of the largest Kofax resellers in the UK with a team of dedicated and experienced Kofax specialists that ensure you select the best Kofax solutions for your organisation and get the most out of your Kofax software.

To find out more about what DCS and Kofax can do to improve your document management including both in-house and outsourced document scanning services call DCS on 01753 616720.

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