Apple Introduces the iPad Mini


Just as people are getting to grips with the iPad and stores will soon seeing the launch of its fourth incarnation, Apple have just announced the launch of the iPad Mini.

This is a smaller version of the iPad that you can hold in one hand. It measures 2.9 inches and is just 0.3 inches thick. The iPad Mini has 16GB of storage and will cost £269 when it is launched in the UK from the 2nd of November.

The iPad Mini is being launched to directly compete with other smaller tablets that have been launched by Google, Amazon and Samsung recently. However it is more expensive than all of these products so may have to rely on the popularity of the original iPad to generate sales.

The main appeal of the new iPad Mini from a users’ point of view is that it is easy to carry around with you. Many people already use their iPads on trains and whilst travelling, but the compact size of the mini version will make this more convenient.

Smaller formats seem to be the way that touch screen technology is going. Many people now browse the internet on their Smartphones, so the ecommerce and app market is now huge for mobile.

The iPad Mini is like a cross between a mobile format and a larger tablet, making it ideal to carry around but still large enough to clearly view websites that you are browsing and make it a pleasant user experience.

Internet advertisers should now be thinking about this format, as well as the mobile format, if they are going to reach the next generation of internet browsers. Adapting PPC advertising for mobiles and tablets is becoming essential.

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Cornish WebServices develop websites that are specifically designed for hand held browsing devices. We have built several websites for clients that are made to be browsed on mobile phones.

We also build apps to work on a wide range of formats. We have recently developed a Facebook News App that cleverly integrates company news from a website into the company’s Facebook page.

With the popularity of iPad technology ever increasing we will continue to develop and optimise websites to suit these type of emerging formats.

For more information about our mobile website design and app development browse our website or contact us today.

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