Electronic document management systems in the UK


An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a computer system or suite of programs designed to store and track electronic documents and other media.

The more generic Document Management System (DMS) is any system designed to store and track documents and other media. In theory this can be entirely paper based or use any form of media, but in practice all modern DMSs use electronic media to store the information.

Electronic document management systems usually consist of data capture often in the form of document scanning, document retrieval (requiring efficient search and storage), workflow (which refers to the automatic routing of documents around an organisation) and version control to track and manage multiple versions of the same document.

Electronic document management systems will also consider integration with standard office applications, concurrent access issues for many users of the system and security of the system to ensure both the integrity of the data and that the data is only accessible to those with correct access permissions.

Within the UK one of the key providers of Electronic document management systems to large business and organisations is DCS and the main Electronic document management system they implement is FileStore, their own Electronic document management system which includes features such as legal discovery modules.

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