Cloud Computing is the Popular Choice


Recent research commissioned by Juniper Networks has shown that 25% of European companies have recently evaluated cloud computing as a way of delivering a flexible, efficient and scalable network service delivery model.

Cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS) is a type of computing that allows organisations to subscribe to various services and IT solutions over the internet without the need to directly own and maintain the applications providing cost and resource savings.

In addition staff don't need to have detailed knowledge or expertise making cloud solutions easy to implement. Plus SaaS and cloud computing services are dynamically scalable and offer companies the latest innovations at a very affordable cost. Organisations who switched to cloud services avoid capital expenditure on hardware, software and services paying only for the resources they use.

Juniper found that 20% of the highest achieving firms were considering the cloud this year, while 25% of the firms which said they were struggling as a result of the recession would be considering it.

Gert-Jan Schenk, senior vice president for EMEA at Juniper Networks, said,

“In either case, history suggests that those organisations more open to change will adapt businesses models to adopt the advantages of cloud computing and maximise their chances of long-term success.”

Benelux businesses were taking the most proactive approach to reviewing cloud technology, with 26% considering it against 18% in the UK, 15% in Germany and 8% in France.

For its research Juniper Networks commissioned the Loudhouse consultancy to question 500 IT decision-makers in medium-to-large enterprises (1,000 employees or more) in the UK, France, Russia, Germany and the Benelux.

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