Google Chrome Is Second Most Popular Browser in UK


Google Chrome has surpassed Firefox to become second only to Internet Explorer in terms of most favoured browsers.

This is great news for Google as it has gained popularity in a fraction of the time that it took Firefox to establish itself as a leading web browser in Britain.

Other competitors like Opera tried for years to rival Internet Explorer, so the rapid adoption of Chrome is a great achievement by Google.

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When Firefox became the alternative of choice to Internet Explorer, I'm sure its developers never imagined they were opening the door for a third party to take over in a fraction of the time it took them to transform the browser market, it was a harsh first few years after all. When you consider other companies like Opera tried for years but never captured the mass following they probably deserved, it's an overwhelmingly impressive feat for Google and its Chrome browser.

Written by Julio Franco, 1st August 2011.

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