Apple maps and Google maps


Dartford bridge on apple maps

Image: Dartford bridge, London using Apple Maps Flyover.

At Cornish WebServices we do a lot of mapping for clients and Google maps or Google Earth has been the preferred technology so we are interested to see how Apple’s new technology compares.

The short answer to this is the Apple maps promise more but currently deliver less.

But in more detail how do these two compare and just what are the differences?

Google wins to start with through familiarity – we know and understand how to operate this which is a huge plus point.

Apple have started badly with inaccurate data in many key places. In the UK this is particularly apparent with some towns and villages in the wrong places. Google have an advantage – the general public can help them update their maps via the Map Maker software. But this helps them maintain a big advantage as accuracy is vital.

So are there any advantages to Apple maps?

A key advertised feature is ‘turn by turn’ directions and ‘flyover’. Flyover appears to be a cross between Google maps satellite view and Street view. But given many of Apple maps satellite images are poor this is not a great start.

Apple’s new 3d maps were supposed to launch new technology but in reality have started a new game of ‘spot the horrors’ with bridges shown collapsing into the sea or earthquake like chasm and toppled statues. The real question here is will the old adage ‘ no such thing as bad news’ be true and can Apple turn this map flop into a stunning piece of PR to actually awareness of its new technology.

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