Increase YouTube Video Views with Pinterest


There is a great way of driving people to see your YouTube videos, by using Pinterest. YouTube Channels can be integrated with Pinterest accounts to maximise your social networking opportunities.

You can actually add YouTube videos to Pinterest, so that viewers are more likely to click on them. Doing this can leverage the power of both these social platforms and boost your followers and overall business marketing.Pinterestyoutube

‘Pinning’ YouTube videos to your Pinterest profile is pretty straightforward. Combining your social media strategies like this will make for better online marketing results in the long-term.

Pinterest is a very visual site, so allowing followers to see visual content like videos on here can only help to boost your business clout - especially if you have great product or marketing videos that are of real benefit to your business.

So think about creating some quality marketing videos to add to your YouTube account and once you have done this remember to add them to Pinterest.

It really is a great way of increasing your internet marketing power and getting your message in front of more people across the social networks.

Cornish WebServices are experienced in social media management. We know about all the social media sites and how they can be of marketing benefit to your business.

For strategic social media advice and set up of social profiles for businesses, contact us today.

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