YouTube Makes Changes


There have been some recent changes to video clip and social networking site YouTube. It has been given several new features to offer more variety to its users. The major change is that users can now choose from four different Channel templates.

This means you can change the look of the site to suit your own preference and how you use it. There are templates called Creator, Blogger, Network and if you want it all - Everything. The Channel feed has also been improved to show what you’ll get if you subscribe.

There are also more YouTube changes to come over the next few weeks. When deciding on which video content to view, you’ll be shown an image preview or set of thumbnails. These allow you to scroll through video content as a glance, perhaps taking a quick look or zooming in on a video, before viewing the whole thing.

These changes are great for social networking because they allow more choice and freedom for the user. They also make content more easy to view, so any business posting a video to YouTube is likely to find it a more relevant way of marketing on the internet.

Cornish WebServices can advise on social media for your business and whether video content could help promote you online.

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