Twitter Tips for Small Businesses


Twitter is becoming a great forum for small businesses to connect with their customers and the public. There are a few useful tips however to ensure that your Tweets remain interesting and varied.

Tweets about your business or special offers can become a little boring for your follower. It is better to try and create a Twitter personality by Tweeting on subjects you think might be of interest to your readers.

A little light entertainment or some useful facts will grab people’s attention much more than endless updates about your business growth or Tweets about new products you’re selling. You can of course Tweet about this stuff, but find something else to focus on too that will grab your customers interest.

The number of Tweets you send out also might have an effect on your popularity. People that spam their readers with daily Tweets about, for instance, their latest product updates are likely to get quickly un-followed!

Tweets should be written sparingly and only when you have something to say that will really interest your reader. Another tip is to use Twitter analytics to see how your Tweets are performing. This way you know how they are contributing to social media and overall internet marketing efforts.

So, used in the correct way, Twitter can make a real difference to your company communication. You can use Tweets to direct people to your website and become an authority on specialist subjects across the internet.

Cornish WebServices can offer set up and management of social media websites. We can create a profile for your business on Twitter and advise you on content or even populate your profile ourselves to ensure you make the best use of this social networking opportunity.

Explore our social media pages to see more information on how we can manage your Twitter profile.

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