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Updates for viewing videos and photos on Twitter

You may have noticed a change in the way videos and photos are viewed on Twitter. The changes are said to make it easier for people to view videos and photos through search results and in individual profiles. The older version of the way photos and videos were viewed were shown in a new window, the new version simply opens up in the same window as a thumbnail image, the option to open in a new window is also there just by clicking on the thumbnail photo.


Within the search function you are now about to click a photo from a search to see a larger version of the photo without having to leave the page. Media galleries now can include videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Vine and other partners whose videos will appear in expanded Tweets. This is the same within people’s profiles also.

The changes that have been made are a much more visual way of using Twitter it means it makes it clearer for people to use twitter and helps in searching

Other changes that have been implemented are that tweet pages now let you see more of a conversation in relation to a tweet. 

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