Twitter Ideas for Businesses


Twitter is being increasingly being used by businesses to connect with customers and follow what competitors are doing. There are a few tips to make sure you make the most of Twitter’s promotional capabilities.

If you are following a lot of other businesses on Twitter it can sometimes be hard to pick out key information that will be useful to you. This is when you need to organise those you are following into Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are really useful because they allow you to group the people you follow into different categories. These categories can include customers, useful organisations and competitors. Twitter gives you the ability to create up to 20 different lists, each containing up to 500 contacts.

You should also think about the visual impact of your Twitter profile. Remember your profile image should reflect what you want to portray as a business – so a holiday snap of yourself may not be the best thing! You can also add interest to your profile by creating a custom background, perhaps containing colours that fit with your branding.

If there are people that you follow on Twitter that particularly inspire you and you want to make sure you see Tweets from them come up as a priority, you can create something called a private conversation list. This allows you to look at theses Tweets whenever you are looking for inspiration.

So there are several ways you can filter the Twitter content that may be useful to your business and make sure your own profile is up to scratch. Cornish WebServices can offer expert advice on Twitter and set up profiles for businesses that really help them connect with their customers.

We can also manage other types of social media including Facebook and Google+, so if you are looking for expert social media management then contact us today.


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