Create a Following on Twitter by Offering Advice


If you want to create a quality group of followers on Twitter then the best thing to do is offer sound advice and useful tips.

You can find interesting Twitter users who you may like to connect with (and vice versa) by using Twitter’s own TweetDeck Directory.

Here you can navigate your fields of interest and pick users to follow who may have an interest in your expertise.

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Do you want to build a loyal and engaged Twitter following (a tribe if you will)?

If so, this article is for you. It will show you how to find people and what to do to engage them.

Find the right people—build the right community

This is a tricky headline. As if there’s something like the “right” community waiting for you out there. Yet focusing firmly on the people you want to interact with will pay off greatly. Following those who show a real connection to your niche is key to getting the return out of your Twitter conversations.

Written by Leon Widrich, May 5th 2011.


This is great advice for any business with a Twitter page. You can make yourself a spokesperson on your particular industry by offering advice and tips. You should focus on who you can help with your advice. Many believe that Tweets shouldn't be too frequent however as your followers may not want to be bombarded with too much information!

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