Is Twitter Less Intrusive than Cold Calling?


Some argue that Twitter can work as a less intrusive sales tool than a phone call.

When receiving a sales ‘cold call’ most people become irritated rather than listening to what the caller has to say. Many feel they don’t have the time to listen to sales patter.

Twitter, on the other hand, can be used to spread the word about a business in a less intrusive manner and can ultimately drive traffic to the comapny's website.

Read Social Media Examiner for more on this story:

Many salespeople swear by cold calling. But the inherent problem with it? Interrupting people when they’re otherwise engaged. The person might be amenable – or might be turned off.

“We spent a lot of time cold calling or direct emailing,” said Craig Robertson, co-founder and CEO of “We would catch people when they were busy and they didn’t want to talk to us.”

Written by Casey Hibbard, May 23rd 2011.


Unlike cold calling, online sales communication depends less on people being free to receive your sales message at a particular moment. This makes Twitter and other social networking sites useful tools for marketing a business and getting your message heard.

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