Return on Investment from Social Media


When setting up a social media campaign you need to think about the cost of return on investment. Measuring how much a campaign is likely to cost you in man hours is an important first stage of doing this.

You can basically measure this by looking at the salary of the person who mainly posts on social media and then work out how much social activity costs you by measuring how much time they spend on posting per week.

There are also some basic rules to remember if you are going to make profit from social media. When managing your posts, you need to make sure they are regular and consistent.

Don’t bombard people with posts one week and then post nothing for a month as this will seem inconsistent and people will un-follow you, meaning you could lose potential customers.

You need to have a consistent social networking policy if you are going to make the most of social activity. Two way communication is important in social media too. It is no good just posting about your business without addressing feedback or encouraging interaction.

It is also best to align your social media strategy with your main business objectives in order to get a good return on investment. For instance if you are currently promoting a particular product or service, then your social media posts should reflect this.

Following these basic rules will mean that your social media is effective and consistent, ensuring that you get a good return on investment for the effort that you put in.

Cornish WebServices can manage social media for our clients effectively. We know how to make sure social posts are relevant, to attract followers and potential new customers for our clients. For more information on how we can manage social media for you call 0330 555 4680.

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