Google Analytics’ New Social Reports


It is now possible to analyse social marketing activities through Google Analytics. Google have recently set up Social Reports that allow users to more easily measure the effectiveness of their social media.

Google have made this move because social is increasingly important as a marketing channel. Many visitors to websites arrive via social media, so it is essential to recognise this and measure the effects of social networking. This can be done in several different ways.

Because people spend a lot of time on social sites, it is relevant to use the new Social Reports to analyse what pages they are spending time on and who they are sharing them with.

The use of social plugins is also an important social activity to measure. Facebook ‘Like’ buttons or Google ‘+1s’ are plugins that allow users to share content to social networks directly from websites.

Social plugin data within the new Social Reports enables Google Analytics users to see which content is being shared and on which networks.

So these useful Social Reports from Google will be key in determining how social media activity is working as an internet marketing channel for businesses.

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