Enhance Your Social Media Promotions


Social media promotions are a great way of boosting your social media profile and strengthening your relationship with your existing customers, or building relationships with potential new customers.

The first thing to consider with promotions or competitions is that you must offer terms and conditions. This is the case with all social sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

With Twitter in particular this can be a problem because of the 140 character limit of Tweets. In this case you will need to link your Tweet to a separate page on your website outlining the terms and conditions.

When thinking about the spread of your promotion, remember that the great thing about social media is that it is a great way to share your competition across the web. For this reason you need to make sure that your offering is easy for users to re-Tweet on Twitter or share on Facebook.

If you are running a Facebook promotion then it is best handled through a Facebook App. Unless you are a development whizz-kid and can develop your own apps, then it is best to get an off the shelf one that you can adapt for your own use.

The sensible thing to do is to choose an App from a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, this way you know it will be a quality app that will allow you to best show off your promotion.

Facebook Apps can either be no frills to simply showcase your competition, or they can offer more features for you to be able to connect with your customers and personalise their experience.

Once you have got your promotion up and running, also remember to keep in touch with your followers for the length of the campaign. For instance if your competition is running for a month, make sure you keep reminding people of their chance to win!

These are some great tips for running a promotion on social media sites. Cornish WebServices can offer advice on social media and set up social media pages for businesses.

We can help you promote your company through social media, enabling you to better connect with customers. For more information about social media management contact us on 0330 555 4680.

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