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Most businesses these days have some form of social media presence, taking advantage of the large reach that social media has and interacting and engaging with your target audience for free is why it has become so popular, not to mention the wealth of backlinks it can provide. Branding yourself on social media is extremely important; here are some tips that might help you;

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Brand name- Short and sweet is the key for your name especially when using Twitter choose a name that will not effect if people retweet you.

Username- Username must be as close to brand name as possible. Often the exact match is taken if this is the case try a close variation.

Grow your following organically- There are services out there that offer to get you as many followers as you want. This will not be quality traffic, it is far better to spend time interacting, following and retweeting others that are interested in the same field and gain natural followers.

For large companies- Make sure that you search your brand name and check other people are not using your brand name to be affiliated with you. This happens with larger companies more often but it is not a bad idea to do a search every now and again.

Content- Content is king and therefore creating really good content will help in gaining followers/likes etc.

It takes up time to brand yourself in the social media world but it is worthwhile to build your name to order to gain exposure and hopefully more customers being attracted to your business. 

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