New Uses for Social Media in Business


Social media is becoming a great way for businesses to communicate with staff and even help to train them. Internal social networks can be a tool for reinventing how a business works.

Social networking is a fantastic forum to have quick discussions with colleagues or send them training information or short work updates.

This quick and dynamic form of communication enables companies to dispense with training documents or certain company literature and also reduces the time waiting for staff responses to communications.

Social networking enables colleagues to have open discussions about training, share ideas and provide quick and up to the minute feedback.

This use of the social networks as a social business tool could open up new uses for social media in business. It is not only a good way of communicating with clients and promoting your brand but it is also a brilliant way to foster better internal communications.

Social networking can also be used to communicate across an organisation. If a company has several different offices around the world, social can be the quickest way to communicate ideas and promote discussions.

So social media is becoming a brilliant practical tool for businesses. In the next few years we are likely to see its usage grow and grow across as a strategic communication tool across all branches of a business.

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