Google Realtime Search


What is Google Realtime Search?

Google Realtime is a search engine which lets you see the most recent social posts, updates, blogs and news stories as they occur.

Timeliness is hugely important, so in the search results order the most recent come first.

At its simplest you go to the Realtime search homepage which is and type a keyword in to the search box. This is just like the standard natural search we all know about. But the results are different. They are all only from blogs or tweets or posts, and come from sites such as Twitter, Facebook and public blogs and news sites.

Google Realtime Search follows on from Google Alerts, but without the annoying habit of interrupting you too frequently with news that more content has been published. So Google Realtime Search keeps you in control of finding out new content as it is shared on the Internet.

One of the features of social media is the conversations that people have, so posts are not independent of each other. This is made use of within Google Realtime Search by making it easy to drill down into a conversation (or for a forum a thread).

Google Realtime has many advanced features, many very similar to the standard Google search options. They include geographical filtering, which is essential for many high volume keywords otherwise you get too many results returned from the wrong side of the world.

Google Realtime is just one of many recent developments within the search industry, and it is important to understand these issues so any search marketing strategy can be robust to changes in the search market.

But Cornish WebServices think there is also a more direct impact on the main natural search results (Still the most important for most websites). Algorithms developed by Google for newer areas of search have a habit of appearing within the main search algorithms, and so the main search results are changed. The secret of long term high rankings is a continual looking ahead at how the search market might change and ensuring all search marketing done is robust to any potential changes.

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