Research Products and Services with Social Media


Social Media can be a great tool for researching a new product or service before launching it.

Social conversations and feedback can give you a good idea of how people are going to respond to your service.

This is great for small businesses who don’t have money for research and development, however remember social media is not as controlled as a focus group.

For ways to start using social media as consumer research read socialmediaexaminer:

Are you looking for creative ideas for your next product or service?

Have you considered the wellspring of social media conversations as a source of product or service innovation?

Keep reading to discover how you can tap social media to enhance the development of your next great product.

Posted by Stephanie Gehman, 31st October 2011.


This post shows just how useful social media can be to businesses. If you have good interaction with your customers they can give you valuable feedback on a new product or service launch. It is all about successful social networking. Cornish WebServices can help you to achieve this.

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