The Power Of Pinterest


Pinterest was launched in March 2012, it is an image bookmarking site which allows you to build mood boards of pictures on which you can “pin” your own interests. It works in a similar way to Twitter; you can follow other users and be followed to see new pins and different boards of interest. Each pin can be repined by anyone using the site as all pins are shown on the home page.

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Pinterest has been extremely popular since its launch; it hit the headlines when it became the fastest platform to hit 10 million users. This was even more impressive as at first the site was an invite-only basis, it is now open to all users however.

Pinterest is different to other social media platforms; it is predominantly used by young females between the ages of 18-34 who make up over half of the site’s users. The site is therefore dominated by female interest content for example cooking, fashion and design.

Pinterest can be very effective for companies however uptake has been slow and it has appealed more to personal users, with personal accounts having 8 times the number of followers than the top company’s site. However, using it as a business tool can be extremely effective. An example of a successful campaign which has run on the site is the “Inspiration day for Kotex”. They located 50 inspiring women on Pinterest and through their Pinterest boards they found what inspires them.

Kotex then worked on bringing their inspiration to life by designing them a personalized gift. All the women then needed to do in order to receive their gift was repin a Kotex picture. The gifts were then delivered straight to their doorstep, the women got surprised and excited and posted about their gift, they pinned their gift on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Almost 100% of the women posted about their gift; total gifts sent were 50, total interactions on social media 2,284 and total impressions were 694,853. This is the power of viral, revealing what doing very little can do for a business.

Cornish WebServices keep up to date with all the social media platforms. We manage many social media accounts for our clients including several Pinterest profiles. If you would like to find out more about how we can make social media an internet marketing tool for your business contact us on 0330 555 4680.

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