Pinterest Becomes Increasingly Popular


In the race to become social networking giants, Pinterest is now third in line to Twitter and Facebook in terms of popularity.

A staggering 91% of adults use social media regularly, but for quite a while it was Facebook and Twitter that dominated.

In recent times though there are other social networking sites that have come to the fore and are now threatening to steal the social crown.

Google’s launch of their own social networking site, Google+, last year presented an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

The Google+ site is in a similar vein to its rivals however; with the main activity being social posts, sharing of photos and (particularly with Google+) the facility to have online friends put into different groups.

In recent times however there has been a desire for more creative and alternative social sites. Pinterest fits the bill in these terms because it is different. It works like an online pinboard, allowing you to post photos and things of interest for yourself and for people to comment on.

Because of its emphasis on favourite images and useful ideas, it is being used for information gathering and so brings users together to share interests with other like minded individuals in one place.

Whatever the reason for its popularity, it is catching up fast with Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps as these sites are increasingly criticised for constantly changing their offering to customers, sites like Pinterest will begin to reinvent social networking.

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