Pinterest is a Powerful Internet Marketing Tool


Pinterest, the social networking site that allows users to create an online pin board of quality images, is becoming an increasingly useful internet marketing tool for businesses.

Because it is predominantly a visual site it is great for companies who sell products online. These e-commerce companies can post some high quality images that customers will see and possibly share or ‘re-pin’.

Pinterest Social Media Management

The social site is particularly relevant for e-commerce websites because many users go onto to purchase something from an online shop that they saw on Pinterest. Visually compelling content is key to Pinterest but it doesn’t have to just be of products.

Pinterest isn’t only a marketing tool for B2C businesses selling products, it can also be great for B2B businesses. For example images of business services or of happy customers can be used on this site. Staff photos are also great to add, for example a staff day out.

The important thing to remember is that images should remain fun, professional and high quality in order to maintain the interest of users and encourage them to connect with a  brand.

Used in the right way, Pinterest can drive more traffic to a company’s websites and convert their followers into buyers. Pinterest can really help raise the profile of a business brand by harnessing the power of online visual marketing techniques.

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